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Thank you to all who attended our show, we feel it was a great success and hope you do as well. Check back for details about our upcoming 2018 show

Thank you from show chairman.
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2017 Model Show Winners

IPMS/Atlanta is the Atlanta, Georgia chapter of the International Plastic Modeler's Society. We are joined to enhance, promote and enjoy the hobby of scale modeling. Despite the word 'plastic' in our name we welcome all scale model builders, regardless of the type of materials they use. We cover every aspect and type of scale modeling. Aircraft, Armor, Figures, Ships, Science Fiction, Autos, whatever your area of interest, we would like to share and enjoy your interests. And even if you are a 1/48 scale WWII aircraft builder, you can still learn tricks and tips from 1/24 scale car builders.

Tip of the Month

Let the glue dry. If you do not have the patience for this, perhaps you should consider a different hobby, like snowboarding.

What goes on at IPMS/Atlanta meetings?

IPMS/Atlanta meetings are very informal. For the most part, they are a 'show & tell'. Members bring in whatever they think might be of interest. Mostly it is finished models, but we also bring kits under construction, new kits to review, tools we have found or invented, magazines, whatever might prove interesting.

There is also the usual meeting stuff (such as the Treasurer's report), but we try to zip through the non-fun stuff as quickly as possible.

Depending on the meeting, we might have:

demonstration of a painting technique
WWII veteran guest speaker
Lively discussion about our next contest
A themed mini-contest
a swap meet
Arm-twisting for volunteers to do something next meeting (a favorite)
After the meeting, it is off to a nearby eatery for food and camaraderie.